Stockholm Aquarium Club

Established in 1926 this club is together with Malmoe Aquarium Club the oldest aquarium club in Sweden. Actually one of the oldest aquarium clubs in the entire world.

This means that we celebrated 80 years anniversary on may 14th 2006. We celebrated this event in the very same place where our club was founded: in a restaurant in downtown Stockholm at Vasagatan 50.

The restaurant has changed its name but still there is a resturant at the same location.

It is still unclear where and when we will celebrate 90 years anniversary during 2016, but probably in the spring or summer. Our club has meetings, usually by visiting different interesting aquaristic events or breeders. Members meet, some one may deliver a discourse, you can drink a cup of coffee and sell something to the highest bidder or indeed buy something new for your own tank.

When reading old minutes one realizes that the clubs activties hasn't changed a lot in 80 years!

But I guess that this might be true for most special interest clubs around the world:
Put a bunch of enthusiasts in the same room and they will all be happy for finally having found somebody sensible to talk to.

Information about the next meeting you will find in our Calender.

You will be most welcome and if you for some strange reason don't speek swedish you may use english.